Program Overview

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Lending Program Points of Interest

  • Minimum income of $1500
  • Backend and reserve on almost every deal
  • Reserve paid at the time of funding with NO CHARGEBACKS
  • No minimum FICO score
  • Zero FICO/Limited Credit/First Time Buyers considered with mitigating factors
  • Fees as low as $0
  • Your rep and buyer are one and the same
  • Easily rehash a deal with your buyer/rep by phone or email
  • Flexibility with self employed – we accept the last 3 months' personal bank statements for POI

Factors That Will Cause Us to Decline or Restructure a Deal

  • No down payment
  • Open bankruptcies 
  • Vehicles over 8 years of age
  • Vehicles over 90,000 miles (135,000 for diesels)
  • Multiple autos (1 auto per licensed driver) 
  • Multiple Repos/Bankruptcies with no re-established auto credit
  • Recent repos with no re-established auto credit
  • Payment to income greater than 20%
  • No valid drivers license

 Overview of Program


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